Bundestag applauds police officers – only the AfD is left

During the protests against the Corona measures in Berlin, some police officers defended the Reichstag against a roaring crowd. There was now a standing ovation for the officials in parliament.

In the first session after the summer holidays, the Bundestag thanked the police who resisted angry protesters on the steps of the Reichstag a week and a half ago. There was long applause from all political groups – except the AfD – for the officials sitting in the stands in the plenary room. You can see the scene in the video above or here.

During the protests against the Corona measures on August 29 in Berlin, about 400 people first overcame the barriers at the Reichstag and then stormed up the stairs. There were black and white and red imperial flags, that are used by right-wing extremists as identifying marks. Initially, only a few police officers faced the roaring crowd – three of the officers were guests at the Bundestag on Wednesday. After a while, reinforcements arrived and the police also used pepper spray to push people back.

“The police need our support and they deserve it,” said Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU), president of the Bundestag. Regarding the demonstration, he said there are “limits to decency” to what extent extremists can help you. Such scenes should not be repeated. The right to demonstrate is a valuable asset, but it must be used responsibly.

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