The corona crisis will continue to weigh on the federal budget in 2021. New loans of EUR 180 billion are planned in the budget adopted on Friday.

The federal government may spend nearly half a trillion euros next year and again incur high debts in the fight against the corona crisis. The Bundestag adopted the budget for the coming year on Friday with the votes of the grand coalition. 361 MPs voted in favor of the budget, 258 MPs without it. There were no abstentions from the 619 votes cast.

Billions for corona vaccines

All in all, Minister of Finance Olaf Scholz (SPD) wants to spend slightly less than in the current year, in which billions in aid for the economy had to be raised in the short term. More than a third of federal spending will be funded by new loans totaling nearly $ 180 billion. To this end, the Bundestag already suspended the debt brake in the Basic Law at the beginning of the week.

Due to the ongoing crisis, grants for companies of approximately € 39.5 billion are planned. Hospitals, airports and railways also receive special support. About 2.7 billion euros is earmarked for the purchase of corona vaccines.

There are also plans to spend more on more child support and relief for citizens from January by lowering the solidarity surcharge and a higher deduction for income tax.

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