Borussia Dortmund is currently in good shape. But the BVB director fears a second economic lockdown. That is why he has now vehemently contradicted the Chancellor’s statements.

Borussia Dortmund director Hans-Joachim Watzke criticizes what he says is “populist football bashing” recently “partly from the federal government”. “I thought it was inappropriate,” said the 61-year-old in the ZDF “sports studio” Saturday, referring to an alleged statement by Chancellor Angela Merkel about the importance of football, which he no longer remembered.

Last week, in view of the rising Corona numbers and the necessary measures, Merkel had said: “You can consider whether you let less people in or not at all during football matches.”

Watzke: “People are disciplined”

Watzke said it was “not about what’s important. There are always 1,000 things that are more important than the Bundesliga. But we don’t have to ask the question about the importance, but about the potential risk.” He doesn’t see this “right now” in the Bundesliga, “because the people are super disciplined”. Due to the rising corona figures, only a few hundred spectators are currently allowed in most Bundesliga stadiums.

The competition operates with a “globally recognized top concept” in the implementation of the game, said Watzke. Football “poses no danger at all,” said BVB’s boss, who emphasized that the clubs are in any case dependent on ghost games. ‘If we don’t have them either, it will be very tight.

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