Anyone who sees Erling Haaland playing can see the ambition that drives him. Every defeat is a disappointment to him. This was also visible when he missed the EM with Norway.

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Norwegian national coach Lars Lagerbäck has offered to step down for the EM after the semifinals in the play-offs. “I have no problem stepping aside if my employer wishes,” said the Swede after the 1: 2 n.V. in Oslo against Serbia. But first, he’s aiming for “two wins” in the upcoming Nations League duels with Romania and Northern Ireland, Lagerbäck added.

“That’s just disappointing”

The contract of the 72-year-old, who has competed in world and European championships with Sweden, Nigeria and Iceland, will run until the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. But after Norway missed the opportunity to compete in the European Championship for the first time since 2000, criticism of outdated tactics and incorrect personnel selection has been enormous.

Young star Erling Haaland also vented his frustration. “I didn’t feel involved in the game at all,” complained the Borussia Dortmund forward, who was completely canceled except for one scoring opportunity in the first half. “I’m not going to swear now,” Haaland said on TV2, “but I’m really mad. That just wasn’t good enough. It’s just disappointing. We had a good chance of getting to EM.”

Martin Odegaard, Real Madrid midfield director, lamented, “The lead is tough. We couldn’t have been better prepared, but too many had a bad day.”

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