Scientists have found a clear link between the recent devastating wildfires in California and the United States. Their analysis suggests that global warming has played a “clear and widespread” role in catching fire. They say California now has the highest risk of fire because people started climate change. The new study was led by a professor at the University of East Anglia in the United Kingdom. Matthew Jones. This information has been known from the British media BBC report.

California has been witness to the worst wildfire in 17 years since last August. It killed 30 people and forced thousands to flee their homes. Political football has begun in the United States due to the cause of the fire. California Governor Gavin Newsome blames climate change for this. On the other hand, US President Donald Trump rejected that argument, stating that traditional land management is primarily responsible for the fire.

However, recent research by scientists has shown that not only the practice of land management but also the rise in temperature has played a big role behind the fire. Studies have shown that climate change is behind the increase in fire intensity and range of fire. The study found that high temperatures, low humidity, low rainfall and strong winds increased the risk of fire.

The new study reviews more than 100 research papers published since 2013. It has been observed that increasing warming and arid conditions only increase when natural elements related to climate continue to increase due to human role.

Dr. Led the research work. Matthew Jones said wildfires have increased eight to ten times in the last four decades. This trend is influenced by climate change. “The ultimate meaning of climate change is that forests are rapidly warming and drying up, no matter which state they belong to,” he said. And the extent to which we are seeing the effects and spread of fire today is actually the result of that trend.

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