Call for trial of Rohingya massacre in Bangladesh

Trial against Myanmar in the International Criminal Court on Rohingya massacre, rape and torture charges; An application has been made to do this in a country other than The Hague in the Netherlands. According to an online report by the British media BBC Bangla, the petition has indirectly heard the case for trial in Bangladesh.

Fuad Bensoda, the main strategy (first from right) of the International Criminal Court

All the activities of the International Criminal Court or ICC are usually in The Hague, Netherlands. This is the first time a court has been asked to transfer a victim to another country. Such an appeal was made to the ICC at a time when two Myanmar soldiers have acknowledged their direct involvement in the killings and rapes against the Rohingya and reportedly reached the Hague.

International human rights lawyers say the two incidents are important in investigating alleged crimes against humanity in Myanmar.

As BBC Bangla reported, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague last month requested that the Rohingya be transferred to another country for trial. The three Victim Support Group lawyers filed a petition on behalf of the Rohingyas. He requested a hearing in a country close to the persecuted Rohingya. Although the country is not mentioned in the application, the ICC’s statement on the progress of the application states that the country is ‘probably Bangladesh’.

In response to this request, the Registry Department of the ICC’s number three ‘pre-trial chamber’ court has been asked to look into the possibility of removing court proceedings in Bangladesh or any other country from The Hague. This possibility has to be verified and reported before 21 September.

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