Cologne (dpa) – In the German Football League (DFL), concerns are growing about contamination chains in Bundesliga clubs in the Corona crisis.

In his role as head of the medical task force, national team doctor Tim Meyer made an urgent appeal to players and coaches to protect themselves from the virus after the first days of play and a first game cancellation in the 2nd Bundesliga.

“We cannot just stand by and watch as there are more and more individual cases and at some point the first chain of infection occurs in a club. We come under the individual responsibility of each individual. Everyone must act responsibly in their private life,” said the 52- year old Meyer of the German press. Office in Cologne for the next three caps for the German national team.

The DFB chief physician does not yet see the situation as “dramatic”. But with the current pandemic situation, he points to differences at the end of the last Bundesliga season: “ Firstly, more people in Germany are contagious. And secondly, the young population groups are increasingly affected, that is to say the groups in which players and, for example, coaches are potentially from. “

That is why everyone should behave in their private life in such a way that “the virus is not transmitted in the team. That’s a message that is very important to me,” said Meyer. The DFB squad moves during their international stage, virtually isolated in a so-called bubble. She will travel to a risk area for the Nations League match against Ukraine in Kiev on Friday. The on-site hotel is only available for training and games. “Responsibility towards the clubs is very important to us,” assured DFB director Oliver Bierhoff in Cologne.

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