They understand that insomnia is their daily companion. How much do you try to sleep a little peacefully? Dose after dose of sleeping pills. One can spend the night, morning and afternoon in one sleep.

I know how much sleep the car needs. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University resident doctor. Maqsoodur Rahman Soni said, जरूरत The need for sleep varies with age. Adults require 8–9 hours of sleep, children aged 3–6 require 9–13 hours of sleep, and children younger than one require 18 hours of sleep.

When I understand the problem of sleep, if you want to know Dr. Maqsoodur Rahman said, if you sleep too late, wake up again and again, wake up late at night, sleep all day, feel tired at work, feel tired, you will be sure That you are suffering from sleep problem. Many causes of sleep deprivation include depression, addiction, various medications, diseases and above all, aging.

Sleeping tips

  • The habit of going to bed and waking up at a certain time must first be developed. For the first few days try to go to bed for a while by force.
  • exercise more.
  • Make bed pillows and sheets comfortable.
  • The atmosphere of the house should be quiet and light.
  • You can take a bath with warm water before going to sleep. Then leave the screen and take the book in hand. Listen to light songs.
  • Finish dinner at least four hours before bedtime. Food will be light.
  • Avoid tea and caffeinated drinks from the afternoon.

Model: Mehbooba Lavanya

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