A former State Department official has expressed concern that Trump may be arrested after relinquishing power. In an interview with Saudi news channel al-Arabiya, former ministry spokesman Adam Early expressed concern.

Trump has been accused of various charges ranging from ‘sexual harassment’ to ‘tax evasion’. Meanwhile, there are also cases against Trump in the international arena. Commander of Iran’s Command Force Lieutenant. After the assassination of General Qasim Solamani, Iran has decided to file a murder case against Trump in the International Court of Justice. While many people have called it ridiculous, experts say Trump will not remain in power forever and legal immunity will not protect him for life.

Early said there are several lawsuits in court for crimes committed before Donald Trump became president. However, he is not going to be arrested in those cases because he is currently enjoying legal immunity as president.

Earlier Saturday night, front-line American media announced Democrat candidate Joe Biden as the country’s elected president. According to these media reports, Biden was elected the 47th President of the United States with 290 electoral votes. However, President Trump did not accept the election results. He has announced to go into a legal battle in this regard.

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