Due to the international delay, Friday’s game was held late on Saturday. But many could not see at first: streaming station DAZN went on strike – and showed an error message.

On Saturday night, many Bundesliga fans were looking forward to a primetime football night. Due to the international break, there was no game on Friday-evening, but a day later, next Saturday at 8.30 PM.

But if you wanted to see the match between Hertha BSC and Borussia Dortmund, you saw – at first – nothing. Throughout Germany, the customers of the DAZN streaming platform, who broadcast the game, were unable to log in (see article photo above).

Ten minutes after the kick-off, at 8.40 pm, almost 30,000 people on the portal “allestören.de” reported that they had a problem with DAZN. At 8.44 pm there were already more than 70,000 who tried to register in vain.

At 8:59 pm, the streaming station reported via Twitter. “Dear DAZN community, apologies for the technical issues, we heard from you and are working hard!”

At 9:05 pm the problem was still not resolved – bitter for the Hertha fans, as Matheus Cunha scored the 1-0 for Hertha at the time. By the way, check out the live ticker for the game here.

Update: At 9:18 PM (self-experiment) it was possible to log in to DAZN again.

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