Is Russian President Putin seriously ill? A British tabloid feeds the rumors. But the denial follows promptly.

For a few days now, an alleged Kremlin insider has been fueling rumors that Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is suffering from two serious illnesses. He reported in the British tabloid “Daily Mail” that Putin had cancer and Parkinson’s and would soon announce his resignation. This should be done in January. A successor has already been determined: his daughter Katerina Tikhonova.

The Kremlin has now denied the rumors: spokesman Dmitri Peskov described them as nonsense and the president was in excellent health. 68-year-old Putin was absent on Saturday from a major hockey event that the Kremlin boss does not normally miss, as the Frankfurter Rundschau has put together, but shortly afterwards took journalists through his studies and did a lengthy interview.

Vladimir Putin has intermittently been Russia’s head of government since 2000 – whose tenure is actually limited. After a constitutional change, Putin could theoretically remain president of the country until 2036.

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