The gates of the historic al-Haram mosque in Mecca were attacked by cars. According to Saudi news agency SPA, a driver tried to enter the mosque late Friday night with a high speed car. He was arrested. London-based Middle East news agency Middle East Eye quoted local media as saying that no one had died.

Video of the attack has spread on social media. As seen in one of the videos, the car crossed the plastic barricades running swiftly into the mosque’s courtyard and ultimately knocked on a door.

Another video showed people pushing the car from the mosque premises. Apart from this, the picture of the captive being handcuffed on his back is also spread on Facebook-Twitter.

The Saudi state news agency SPA claimed that the driver was a Saudi citizen. He is mentally imbalanced. He will be sent to the public prosecutor for questioning.

Meanwhile, the state-run Saudi Quran broadcast live news from inside the mosque during and after the incident.

After a long seven-month shutdown due to the coronovirus epidemic, mass prayers at Masjid al-Haram resumed this month. The Umrah of foreigners is also going to start from Sunday.

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