For his answer to the question of whether he could imagine a gay chancellor, Friedrich Merz was criticized on social networks. Now he’s taking a stand on it.

Friedrich Merz has come under criticism after a video interview with “Bild”. When asked if he had any reservations about a gay chancellor, the candidate for the CDU presidency initially answered “no”.

However, the next sentence caused anger: “Sexual orientation is not a public issue as long as it falls within the framework of the law and as long as it does not affect children. At this point, however, an absolute limit has been reached for me,” said Merz.

Fierce discussions arose

This led to heated discussions on Twitter. CDU member Frank Sarfeld accused Merz: “Equating homosexuals and pedophiles is not only behind 2005, but also arrested in the deepest Stone Age.”

Merz’s press spokesman, Armin Peter, responded – also on Twitter: “This claim is malicious and simply false. Friedrich Merz said, “Sexual orientation is not in the public domain as long as it is within the law and as long as it does not affect children.” So this is true of straight men, gays and everyone else. “

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