Celebration with fireworks: police are investigating Gladbach fans

Mönchengladbach (dpa) – The Mönchengladbach police are investigating violations of the Corona Protection Ordinance against fans of the Bundesliga football club Borussia Mönchengladbach.

On the occasion of the club’s 120th anniversary, on Friday evening, around 300 people from the ultra and fan scene celebrated unannounced with fireworks and fireworks in the Eicken district.

The police had to monitor the enforcement of the Corona Protection Regulation with the support of other law enforcement officers from other authorities. There were isolated acts of violence and material damage. There were three lawsuits for sexual assault. As police announced on Saturday, investigations are underway into administrative, Corona Protection Ordinance violations, and other crimes.

The club on the Lower Rhine, founded on August 1, 1900, had given up a party with the fans because of the corona pandemic and decided to silently celebrate its 120th anniversary.

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