Liverpool (AP) – Trainer Jürgen Klopp passes out defenders at English football champions Liverpool FC. Brazilian Fabinho sustained a thigh injury in the Champions League match against FC Midtjylland (2-0) and is now in danger of being sidelined.

The all-rounder should actually replace defensive boss Virgil van Dijk, who will be absent for months due to a serious knee injury. Klopp left open whether ex-Schalke Joel Matip can be used again against West Ham United on Saturday. “If it was the last game of the season, we would make him fit. But three days later we are playing again and we need the players,” said the championship coach. Only Joe Gomez is currently available from the regular defenders.

However, there was something historic in the difficult 2-0 win against the Danes on Tuesday. Portuguese signing Diogo Jota scored the 10,000th goal in a competitive Liverpool game. Jock Smith scored the first goal on September 3, 1892 in an 8-0 win against Higher Walton.

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