Paris (AP) – After the Champions League match between Stade Rennes and FK Krasnodar, it remains unclear for the time being whether extravagant cheering scenes among the fans after the 1-1 draw will affect the French club. The local health authorities and the European Football Association (UEFA) initially did not comment.

On Tuesday evening, the fans stood close together in the sometimes overcrowded stands during the game and cheered together exuberantly. According to the city, a maximum of 5,000 people are allowed in Rennes for major events – this also applies to the stadium. The prerequisite for this is that there is a free space between each person or group of people, including a maximum of six people. The mask is mandatory, but a number of fans did not protect their mouths and noses on Tuesday evening.

The corona situation in France is very tense. The country registered a peak of more than 32,000 new corona infections within 24 hours over the weekend. For Rennes and other cities, the cabinet noted last week that the corona situation there had stabilized somewhat.

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