Rome (dpa) – Hymns for Ciro Immobile, Häme for Borussia Dortmund – the morning glances in the media probably brought little pleasure to BVB professionals.

After the embarrassing performance in the 1: 3 (0: 2) against Lazio Rome, the frustration during the flight home was still great. Even the otherwise cautious coach Lucien Favre did not feel like talking about the big false start in the Champions League: “That was too little and should not happen. I am very disappointed.”

It was in keeping with the course of a used evening that the former Dortmund Ciro Immobile was celebrated as the competition winner. The goal for the 1-0 (6th minute) was scored by the forward, who retired from Revierclub in the summer of 2015 after just one season, and he prepared the 3-1 to Jean-Daniel Akpa-Akpro (76). “Immobile’s revenge on Dortmund” was the headline of the “Gazetta dello Sport”. The attacker himself spoke of a “perfect game” and felt “special taste”.

With a mocking undertone the “Corriere della Sera” referred to Immobile’s advantage over Dortmund goalscorer Erling Haaland – and brought the BVB dilemma to the point: “Immobile against Haaland ends 1: 1, but Lazio’s return to the Champions League is triumphant after 13 years because Ciro has a team brimming with aggressiveness and the will to win, while the Norwegian giant is on his own. ”

The playful oath of revelation of the alleged group favorite in front of 1000 spectators at the Stadio Olimpico was reminiscent of similar soulless performances in the recent past with defeats in Milan (0: 2), Barcelona (1: 3) and Paris (0: 2). The fact that the team did not learn from this and allowed itself to be bought off again caused disappointment for Sebastian Kehl: “That was a desperate performance, especially in the first half. There were only a few players who even reached their limits.”

To the annoyance of the licensed player boss, BVB is now under great pressure in the upcoming matches against Zenit Saint Petersburg (October 28) and at FC Bruges (November 4). “If we keep playing like this, it won’t work. We will have a very hard time going to the next round,” Kehl warned. The conclusion of captain Marco Reus was also critical: “We slept through the first half. That is inexplicable to me and of course not our claim. Actually, we missed everything completely.”

The performance in Rome, unworthy of a top Bundesliga team, was really unsuitable in preparation for the prestigious duel with FC Schalke 04 on Saturday. we have the derby on the weekend, a completely different fight awaits us. We have to present ourselves very, very differently. “

After all, there are fewer staff concerns in the defense. Banned in Rome, Emre Can must return to the three-man chain. In addition, Manuel Akankji, who had recovered from a corona infection, said on Wednesday after his quarantine that he was ready for action: “I can’t wait to play the derby on Saturday.”

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