Champions League – Not 100 percent: VfL Wolfsburg gambled away the triple dream

San Sebastian (dpa) – The “wolf women” lacked the hunting instinct. The 1: 3 (0: 2) defeat in the Champions League final against Olympique Lyon revealed a problem with German women’s soccer champion and cup winner VfL Wolfsburg, which had already occurred in the semi-final against FC Barcelona.

The team of trainer Stephan Lerch gets into trouble when an equal or even better opponent starts early and thus disrupts the playing structure of VfL. “We missed a few percent again,” Lerch said, referring to both defense and attack. The defensive weakness was decisive. The goals of Eugenie Le Sommer (25th) and Saki Kumagai (44th) were preceded by individual errors, which Lyon, unlike Barcelona, ​​used ice cold. In general, VfL was too defensive in the first 45 minutes. And that, although Bayern Munich showed in the quarter-finals in the 1: 2 defeat that the French get into trouble if they are attacked early. “It is not our intention to copy another team. You can of course start a little earlier. But you also have to take into account that we have a different playing style, our strengths are in the shift game and the quality of Lyon is best known in the development game, “explains. Lark.

The second half showed that VfL also has the qualities to lead the way. Then Lyon got into trouble, and so the connection fell through Alexandra Popp (57th). “We came back really well and a lot can happen if the second goal is scored,” said Popp. The “wolves” were no longer able to create compelling opportunities, which Lerch criticized: “There was also a few percent missing.” Sara Bjork Gunnarsdottir’s 1: 3 in the 88th minute was only the I point.

At VfL, pride and disappointment were in balance. By the start of practice on Wednesday at the latest, the final trauma should be over after an otherwise great season for the Wolfsburg women. The new Bundesliga season against SGS Essen starts on Friday. Even after the final in San Sebastian, no one in the Wolfsburg camp wanted to say whether Pernille Harder will still be part of the VfL squad. The Dane, who was named German Footballer of the Year on Sunday, would face a lightning-fast transfer to Chelsea

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