Paris was the site of a special decision on Tuesday. Because the fourth official made a racist statement in a Champions League match, the players left the field. They asked for a new referee team – and they got it.

On Wednesday evening, the Dutch referee Danny Makkelie whistles Champions League match canceled the day before between Paris Saint-Germain and Başakşehir from Istanbul. The Uefa announced this in the morning. The 37-year-old is supported by his fellow countryman Mario Diks and Pole Marcin Boniek. Pole Bartosz Frankowski was nominated as fourth official.

The game was canceled on Tuesday-evening after fifteen minutes. The guest’s assistant coach, former Cameroonian international Pierre Webó, had seen the red card and the fourth official made a racist statement.

The Romanian Coltescu is said to have said, “The black over there. Go see who he is. The black over there, you can’t behave like that.” Coltescu chose skin color as the sole description for Webó. A form of everyday racism that people who are not affected by racism rarely notice.

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