Chaos after a Formula 1 crash: “Are they going to kill us?”

The race in Mugello got off to a turbulent start. After the first safety car phase, there is a violent mass crash – a driver uses the pit radio to express his anger.

In the turbulent first round of the Tuscan Grand Prix in Mugello, World Cup third Max Verstappen in the Red Bull and Monza sensational winner Pierre Gasly (AlphaTauri) are already retired after a collision. Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel dropped from 14th on the grid to the end of the field, the Heppenheimer unable to evade Carlos Sainz’s McLaren and was in 18th place after a necessary front wing change.

“Already in the formation lap the engine almost fell off, it felt like Monza”, said Verstappen at Sky afterwards. “I couldn’t accelerate anymore. The crash just happens. I probably couldn’t have finished the race anyway.”

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Decisive scene: the mass crash right after the restart. (Source: Image Images)

Wrist-setter Lewis Hamilton lost the lead at the start to his Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas. Vettel teammate Charles Leclerc drove to third place in the 1000th Ferrari race.

“That was damn stupid”

Just a few laps later, things got even worse: the safety car had to be removed again – after a violent mass crash at the start-finish line right after the end of the safety car phase. McLaren driver Carlos Sainz, Williams driver Nicholas Latifi, Kevin Magnussen in de Haas and Alfa driver Antonio Giovinazzi crashed on lap 7. The quartet was apparently unharmed. Sebastian Vettel, who is at the end of the field, just managed to dodge.

Haas driver Romain Grosjean raved about the pit radio: “That was bloody stupid! Are they going to kill us or something? That was the worst I’ve ever seen.” Sainz then spoke very openly: “The crash was really terrifying, we are driving at 290 km / h. That could have been much worse.” The race was then temporarily interrupted.

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