Charité doctors provide health updates to Kremlin critics

The treating doctors at the University Clinic of Berlin comment on the condition of the seriously ill Russian opposition member. There is also a statement about possible long term consequences.

According to a report by the Berlin Charité, the symptoms of poisoning are diminishing in the seriously ill Kremlin critic Alexej Navalny. His health is stable, the university clinic said Friday.

Berlin Charité: The treating doctors provide an update on Alexej Navalny’s health status. (Source: Image Images)

Navalny is still in an intensive care unit in an artificial coma and on mechanical ventilation. “His health status remains serious with no immediate danger to his life,” the doctors said. “As before, the long-term consequences of the patient’s severe poisoning are unforeseeable.”

The clinic said the treating doctors are in close contact with Nawalny’s wife. “In consultation with his wife, the Charité assumes that the public health statement is in his favor.” Navalny collapsed on a domestic flight in Russia a week ago and was flown to Germany on Saturday. The German doctors found poisoning. Russia has been blamed for several poison attacks on Kremlin critics.

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