Chebli vs Müller: Berlin District Association for Fighting Vote

In Berlin there is a confrontation between Mayor Michael Müller and party member Sawsan Chebli (both SPD). The question of which of the two may participate in the Bundestag is answered by a decision of a member.

The mayor of Berlin, Michael Müller (SPD), must undergo a membership inquiry in the SPD district association Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf on the way to a candidacy for the Bundestag. The board of the district association decided unanimously on Thursday evening to let all members vote for the Bundestag candidate. District chairman Christian Gaebler announced. After the vote, the candidate will be elected at a constituency conference in November.

A month ago, Müller announced that he would move to the Bundestag in 2021 and run for elections in the Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf constituency. He must fight competition from within the party: Secretary of State for Citizen Involvement Sawsan Chebli, who brought Müller to his Senate Chancellery in 2016, also wants to walk.

Chebli is happy with the decision

The decision on who will send the SPD district association to elections in the fall of 2021 is now being made by the members. Their vote is not formally binding. In practice, however, it is considered certain that the candidate who is ahead of the research will be chosen.

Chebli judged the decision to conduct a membership survey as positive. “That strengthens the candidate and allows the circle to enter the election campaign as a whole,” she told the German news agency. “In this way we can mobilize the members in advance for the election campaign and face the political opponent in unity and win the Bundestag mandate for the SPD.”

Who wins within the party: the direct mandate for the SPD candidate is not certain. Most recently, the CDU was victorious in the constituency.

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