Another child was rescued just four days after the Aegean earthquake in Turkey. So far, more than 100 people have been killed in the natural disaster.

91 hours after the massive earthquake in Turkey, a child was rescued from the rubble of a residential building. Disaster response service Afad announced this on Twitter on Tuesday morning. According to the state broadcaster TRT, it is a girl named Ayla. The age was unclear at first.

A rescue worker told TRT after the rescue in the coastal city of Izmir: “I heard her voice. I put my head through an opening. She said, ‘I’m so thirsty.'” She asked for water and ayran (drink with yogurt) . ) asked.

Fireman portrays the rescue of little Elif

On Monday, the three-year-old girl Elif was rescued from the rubble 65 hours after the earthquake. Fireman Muammer Celik, who discovered and rescued Elif, told AFP news agency that he first thought the little girl was dead. “I asked for a body bag. I wanted to wipe the dust off her face and reached out – suddenly she took my thumb,” Celik reported. “We were frozen and wept for joy.”

Turkey, Izmir: 3-year-old girl Elif is in her hospital bed. (Source: dpa)

A photo of little Elif holding the firefighter’s hand was shared en masse on online networks in Turkey. Celik reported that the girl would not let go of his hand until she was safe in a rescue tent.

With Elif on Monday, 106 buried people were rescued alive from the rubble. Her mother and three siblings had already been rescued from her, but according to TV channel TRT, her brother later died of his injuries.

Earthquakes in the Aegean are shaking Greece and Turkey

The massive earthquake in the Aegean Sea on Friday afternoon shook parts of western Turkey and Greece. According to the latest information, more than 100 people have been murdered in Turkey; On the Greek island of Samos, two young people were killed by the rubble of a collapsing wall. According to authorities, the center of the earthquake was in the sea near the Turkish province of Izmir. The Turkish Disaster Bureau gave the force with 6.6, the American earthquake agency USGS even with 7.

There are several fault lines in Turkey. The country is repeatedly shaken by severe earthquakes. In January, more than 40 people were killed in two earthquakes in the eastern Turkish cities of Elazig and Malatya.

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