Incident in Lower Austria: a four-year-old girl was killed by a tree. A storm was the cause of the accident. In Austria there were a lot of deployment of the fire brigade due to the weather.

In Austria, several children were hit by trees during stormy weather. A four-year-old died on a hike with her grandmother in Lower Austria on Saturday when a tree fell in a hurricane gust and fell on her. The 72-year-old and her other two grandchildren were hit by branches. The walking path in the Scheibbs district was released at the time and the strong wind was no longer expected, a police spokesman said on Sunday.

Even 12-year-olds crawl under a tree

A 12-year-old from Tyrol who fell into a tree in a residential area near Innsbruck was lucky and suffered only minor injuries, according to police. The mother heard a scream on Friday night and then discovered the daughter under the 8-inch-thick tree trunk.

Hurricane winds and heavy rains triggered numerous emergency operations in parts of Austria on Saturday, mainly due to fallen trees and minor floods.

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