To reduce the risk of corona, Chinese aviation regulators recommend that flight attendants wear nappies that can be discarded. This will make it possible to avoid going to the toilet during the flight.

New guidelines for the use of personal protective equipment or PPE for airlines have suggested that aircraft cabin crew wear diapers.

The regulator said that the directive will be applicable especially on charter flights to high-risk Kovid-19 destinations.

Airlines and airports in various parts of the world are making major changes to resume passenger transport. China’s Civil Aviation Administration has issued a new 49-page guideline to stop the spread of coronavirus.

This recommendation will be applicable in those places where the rate of Kovid infection is more than 500 per 10 lakh passengers.

Cabin crew have also been asked to wear medical masks, gloves, hats, goggles, body-covering PPE and shoe-covering equipment.

Other flight attendants have been advised to use various safety devices. However, they do not know how to wear diapers.

The corona epidemic has had a devastating effect on the aviation industry around the world. Airlines are struggling to recover from this loss. However, each country is taking different measures to reactivate the service.

Some countries have instructed their airlines to leave the seats between the two passengers empty. Some airports have tightened passenger testing. Many airlines have mandated the use of masks throughout flights. Source: BBC

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