US President Donald Trump has called his American rival Joe Biden a corrupt politician. He also alleged that China had bought him. He made this allegation in a post on Twitter on Monday, just a day before the election.

“Joe Biden is a corrupt politician,” Trump tweeted. China bought it. They paid for it. ‘

In 2016, Trump lost to the Democrat candidate in Georgia by 9 percent. Pointing to this, he said that in 2016 the people of Georgia voted against this corrupt political system (Democratic Party).

This is not the first time Trump has accused Biden of annexing China. Earlier, at a rally last month, he said that if Democratic candidate Joe Biden wins the next election, China will win. “It is very important to remember that if Biden wins, China will win – this is a very simple calculation,” he said. You are in a situation where we are building the largest economy in world history and are forced to stop suddenly due to plague in China. And now I have started opening everything again. ‘

“China and the rioters (pointing to anti-apartheid protesters) want to see Biden win,” he said. Because they know that America will adapt to its policy. ‘

With just one day to go before the election, Trump has stepped up his attacks on the Biden camp at rallies and social media. But not just the Biden camp; Coronado doctors have also been targeted. In fact, the top infectious disease specialist in the United States. He has also announced the removal of Anthony Fuchi.

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