China gave gold medal to 4 doctors

The trade fair honored four doctors with gold medals for organizing the exhibition of coronovirus vaccines. At the award ceremony, Chinese President Xi Jinping said that the coronovirus epidemic was effectively contained. The country’s doctors, scientists and health workers have taken historic steps to prevent infection. China’s role in dealing with global health disasters is extraordinary.

The trade fair in Beijing has started on September 5. It has an exhibition of the Corona vaccine. Along with this a huge ceremony was held to honor the Corona warrior doctors. Hundreds of people attended the event.

According to local Chinese media reports, the award ceremony was held under the rules of masks and social distance. President Xi Jinping awarded gold medals to four doctors at the ceremony.

Speaking on the occasion, Xi Jinping said that the global economy has collapsed due to the Corona epidemic. But China is rapidly repairing that wound. He also claimed that the virus has almost disappeared from the country.

The Chinese president also described four doctors, who played a key role in preventing the infection, as “people’s heroes”. Zhang Nanshan, 63, was a gold medalist. Chen Wei, one of the other three, was the chief biochemical scientist at Wuhan Hospital. The names of both are as yet unknown. Source: AFP

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