China has been accused of forcibly enslaving Uygar Muslims in Xinjiang Province. A recent report by the US Center for Global Policy, UK-based BBC was also included in the report.

It states that the ruling Communist Party of China is forcibly cultivating cotton with Uyghur Muslims. Beijing has not commented on the report.

On the other hand, after this allegation surfaced, some of the world’s major shoe and apparel companies were pointed fingers.

According to a report by the Center for Global Policy, in 2016 560,000 Uyghur Muslims were forced to cultivate cotton. The way they were taken to certain places is contrary to modern labor rights. They were practically treated like slaves.

Several rights groups have long spoken out against the Chinese administration’s treatment of Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang Province. Beijing has also come under attack from the international community at the United Nations over this issue. Recently, the German-led European Union criticized China in this regard. However, the issue of slavery first came to the fore.

Xinjiang province produces 20 percent of the world’s cotton. China exports this cotton to various countries of the world. Companies like Adidas, Nike, Gap buy cotton from Xinjiang province. According to rights groups, these companies intentionally buy cotton from China. This should be stopped immediately.

Isa, president of the Munich-based Uygar Muslim Congress, said he had previously filed a lawsuit in the International Court of Justice (ICJ) over the persecution of Uygar Muslims in Xinjiang. This time a new case will be filed against slavery. Source: DW

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