China-India meeting in Moscow

Tensions are high on the India-China border. In such a situation, the Defense Ministers of India and China are going to Moscow for a meeting in Ladakh. A source in the Indian Ministry of Defense said on Friday that the two sides have expressed interest in holding talks.

Rajnath Singh is on a three-day visit to Russia to attend a conference of defense ministers on Thursday. Chinese Defense Minister Wei Feng is also present for the same reason.

The Chinese Defense Minister called India for a meeting on Thursday. On Friday, the Indian Embassy in Moscow was offered a meeting between the Chinese Defense Ministers and the Defense Ministers of the two countries. It is learned that India has agreed to this. According to Indian government sources, the two will talk separately on Friday night.

Earlier, Rajnath Singh thanked Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu for standing by India in need of arms and other assistance.

Tension is still high in Ladakh. On Friday, Indian Army Chief Manoj Mukund Narvan spoke to a contingent of Chinese soldiers in Pangong, who were clashed by Chinese soldiers. The army chief said that the decision to deploy more troops along the Line of Actual Control was taken in view of the provocative situation. However, he also claimed that India wants a peaceful solution.

Note that the Ladakh border has recently been reheated. On 29 and 31 August, the two sides clashed again. For the last five days, there have been meetings between Indian and Chinese commander-level military officers in Chusule. But no solution has been found so far. Neither side agreed to back down. Source: Deutsche Vale, this time, Voice of America.

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