After Trump’s criticism and accusation that China brought the virus into the country, the state is outraged. The US should focus on its own crisis situation: there are the most corona deaths worldwide.

At a meeting of the UN Security Council, China reacted indignantly to the US criticism of its handling of the Corona crisis. “I have to say enough is enough!” Ambassador Zhang Jun said in a video conference Thursday of the most powerful UN body, attended by numerous heads of state and government. He pointed out that the United States has the highest rate of coronavirus infections and deaths in the world.

Many deaths despite the highest medical standards

“If anyone is to be held accountable, it must be some American politicians themselves,” said Zhang. He asked why the United States, as a country with the “most advanced medical technologies and systems in the world,” had the highest corona rates.

The Security Council meeting took place in parallel with the general debate in the UN General Assembly. Due to the corona pandemic, most of the debate is taking place almost this year. US President Donald Trump launched sharp attacks on China over the Corona crisis on Tuesday in his UN debate. The Chinese metropolis of Wuhan is considered the starting point of the pandemic.

Racist statements and allegations

“We must hold to account the nation that has brought this scourge to the world: China,” Trump said in his video speech. At the start of the crisis, China banned domestic travel but continued to allow flights abroad, allowing the virus to “infect the world.” The US president once again called the coronavirus the “Chinese virus” – a term that many criticized as racist.

Trump, who will run for a second term in the presidential elections in five and a half weeks, has sharpened his course on China on a number of points in recent months. Critics accuse him of electoral computation – and an attempt to divert attention from his own mistakes in the Corona crisis. On Tuesday, the symbolic threshold of 200,000 registered corona deaths was crossed in the US. That is by far the highest number in the world.

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