China is setting up to increase communication in Ladakh?

Two Indian officials have claimed that the Chinese Army is laying an optical fiber cable network at the southern end of Lake Pangong on the disputed border in Ladakh. After months of tension, Beijing has continued to do so, despite recent agreements between the two countries. A senior Indian official said that he had recently identified him. This would enable Chinese troops to establish secure communication with their rear bases on the front lines. However, China did not immediately comment. This information came from a British news agency Reuters report.Many believe that the Sino-Indian conflict over border infrastructure has started.

Indian and Chinese forces have been facing each other on the Ladakh border since last May. After a deadly conflict in June, the two countries accused each other of firing on the Line of Actual Control after 45 years. The foreign ministers of China and India reached a five-point agreement to resolve the dispute at a sideline meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) conference in Moscow, Russia on 10 September. However, both countries are skeptical about its implementation. Both sides are claiming that they do not want war. However, nobody is missing out on threatening anyone. Despite the agreement, media outlets in both countries have spoken out about possible “military intervention”.

Thousands of Chinese and Indian troops have been paralyzed over the last few months on the 60-km-long Line of Actual Control (LoC) south of Pangong Lake. The presence of these soldiers in support of tanks and war planes is a sign of intense tension. Despite high-level agreements between the two countries, no significant amount of troops have been withdrawn from there. On Monday (14 September), an Indian official said, “The tension remains there.”

The country’s war planes have been training since Monday morning in the skies of Leh, the capital of Ladakh, which is under India’s control. Many war planes of the country’s air force resonate in the valley of the hill town.

Elaborating on the situation on the southern shore of Pangong Lake, an Indian official said that the distance between the military positions of the two countries on parts of the Line of Control in the area was only a few meters. “Our biggest concern is that they (China) are installing optical fiber for high-speed communication,” he said. “We are moving along the installation of optical fiber at breakneck speed along the southern shore of the lake.”

Another Indian official claimed that a month ago, Indian spies discovered a similar cable at the northern end of Pangong Lake. Officials said Indian officials cautioned Chinese authorities to install optical fiber, as they saw an unusual wire in the sand of a mountain peak in satellite images.

The assessment, with the help of experts and foreign intelligence department, confirmed that Indian officials were undergrounding these communication cables. India has recently claimed that cable is being laid in Spanagar Bay, where a warning has been given between the armies of the two countries.

Officials in both countries say that the construction of various infrastructure along the Line of Control (LoC) has played a role in creating tension between China and India in the last few months.

A former military intelligence official told Reuters the optical cable could be used to communicate securely via fiber cable. Apart from this, pictures and documents can also be exchanged through it. He said that there is a danger of being caught talking on the radio. Communication is secured via optical fiber cable.

Indian Army personnel still depend on radio to maintain communication along the Line of Control. However, authorities claim that radio-based communications use symbolic communication.

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