China has offered priority cooperation with US President-Elect Joe Biden. Foreign Minister Wang Yi warned that many American critics in Beijing are creating tension between the two countries and disregarding the common interests of the two countries. He also hoped that after Biden took over on January 20, the world’s two largest economic powers would return to discuss issues of mutual interest.Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi

Under US President Donald Trump, relations between the United States and China have declined dramatically. Relations between the two countries have soured on several issues, including imposing tariffs on each other’s products, blaming China for spreading coronovirus and stealing intellectual property.

In such a situation, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said in a virtual discussion with the New York-based Asia Society that “it is important for the United States to quickly return to fairness and sensitivity to China.” He said there were opportunities to collaborate with Biden on three to four issues. He also spoke in support of the US coalition, but said it was important to maintain some independence.

The Chinese foreign minister said that Beijing and Washington could become partners in vaccine production and help third world countries fight the epidemic. “We hope that through dialogue we can expand cooperation and resolve differences,” he said.

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