‘China ready for both war and peace’

China’s official media Global Times reported that Beijing has opened the way for both war and peace to resolve tensions with India. This was stated in an article published in response to a statement made by Defense Minister Rajnath Singh in the Indian Parliament. The article, written by the editor-in-chief of the media, stated that the Indian minister spoke in Parliament due to the Chinese military stance.

Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh on Tuesday addressed the Indian Parliament over the months of tension on the Ladakh border. In that speech, he praised the courageous role of the Indian Army on the border. However, he stressed the need for a peaceful solution to the border crisis.

According to a Global Times article, as Rajnath has said, the movement of Indian troops on the border has slowed recently. The article claimed that this was possible due to the tough stand of the Chinese Army.

According to the Chinese article, India has two types of power. Its a fierce nationalist force. Those who are reluctant to follow the path of peaceful easy solutions and want to find solutions in difficult path like war. Another force wants a peaceful solution. The article noted that despite being embroiled in diplomatic talks with India, China was ready to respond in a language that was perceived by extremist nationalist forces in Delhi.

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