China has said it will take “necessary steps” to secure US arms sales to Taiwan. A spokesman for China’s foreign ministry said on Tuesday. British news agency Reuters reported.

Taiwan has no direct agreement with the United States. But for a long time, the United States has respected Taiwan as a separate state like many other countries in the world. The country also has many unwritten relations with Taiwan. The United States has stood by Taiwan many times. Both countries have everything from trade to weapons.

The United States on Monday approved an agreement to sell 100 harpoon missiles or coastal defense systems to Taiwan to increase pressure on China.

At a regular news conference in Beijing on Tuesday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin called for Taiwan to stop selling US arms to China so as not to deteriorate Sino-American relations. He said that necessary steps would be taken to protect their sovereignty and security interests.

Earlier on Monday, China warned that Lockheed Martin would impose sanctions on US companies, including the Boeing Defense, if it became involved in the sale of US arms to Taiwan.

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