Beijing has expressed displeasure over the detention and questioning of Chinese citizens by the United States. China has warned that Beijing may also block US citizens in its territory as retaliation against the US administration for taking legal action against its citizens. This is according to a Wall Street Journal report.

Recently, hostility between the two countries has increased. The US Department of Justice said in July that it had arrested three Chinese citizens. The country’s intelligence agency the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) claims that although they have ties to the Chinese military, they remain anonymously in the United States.

Have affiliations with the US military; The FBI has questioned Chinese nationals detained in the United States on suspicion. He has also been accused of visa fraud.

The Wall Street Journal quoted sources familiar with the incident as stating that China had issued several warnings to US government officials. US citizens living in China have also been threatened with violations if ongoing lawsuits against Chinese citizens are not quickly settled in US courts.

The US State Department issued a travel warning to China on 14 September. US citizens have been warned that the Chinese government is arbitrarily detaining citizens of various countries. It has been alleged that China is trying to take advantage of various governments by detaining citizens.

The United States has accused China of stealing American technology several times. The US opposition claims that China has long had plans to bring military scientists to the United States. As part of that plan, members of the Chinese military came to the United States anonymously.

The Chinese Embassy in Washington did not comment.

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