Chromium Edge problem – Microsoft is forcing its new browser to users

Microsoft has updated its Edge browser. If users have been able to manually download the new version for some time, it is now automatically installed with the latest Windows 10 system update – with a new icon in the taskbar. How do you get rid of that?

Since early May, Microsoft has been installing the new version of its own edge browser with regular updates on Windows 10 computers by private users. The new edition of the previously unpopular browser then comes with a new logo in the taskbar. But not only that: the program is deeply embedded in the system and attracts users’ attention in various ways.

Complaints about Chromium Edge’s aggressive behavior are increasing in the community. Because apparently Microsoft has done nothing to get its browser off to a good start.

Installation process cannot be canceled

After the update installation, the user is greeted by a full-screen notification from the new Edge browser, which cannot be clicked away. This forces the user to continue. After a few clicks, installation is complete and Chromium Edge becomes a constant companion.

This cannot even be prevented with Task Manager, as some users have discovered. If you try to stop the installation process, you will still see Chromium Edge nestled in the taskbar, create a shortcut on the desktop, and take over the bookmarks from the other browsers without prompting you. The browser data is only deleted afterwards if the user objects to the import.

After the update: Chromium Edge cannot be removed anymore

Only those who pre-installed the Edge browser manually can uninstall it again. If the app automatically comes to the computer with an update, this is no longer possible. After all, users can largely ban the unwanted browser from their field of view and set a different default browser.

How can I remove the Edge icon from the system tray?

If you’re confused or simply bothered by the new icon in your taskbar, you can easily remove it: Right-clicking on the icon opens a menu selection from below. Next to the pin icon you will find the selection “Detach from taskbar”. Select with a left mouse button and the Edge icon disappears from your taskbar.

Now the Microsoft Edge browser can only be found in the menu. To add it back to the taskbar later, all you have to do is right-click on the app in the menu, select “More” and then “Pin to taskbar”.

How can I remove Edge?

If you downloaded and installed the new browser before the update itself, you can also uninstall it and continue to use the previous version.

Uninstalling is easy: right click on the Edge browser in the menu. A window opens with a selection menu. Here select “More” and then “App Settings”. Then a new window opens. If you scroll down, you will find the ‘Delete’ button. Edge can now be easily removed.

New Edge browser on the same basis as Google Chrome

If you had another browser such as Chrome or Opera set as the default before installing the update, nothing will change according to the insider portal “Dr. Windows”. That should have the most consequences anyway: both Internet Explorer and the Edge browser have never been particularly popular and are used much less than the competing products from Google, Apple or Mozilla.

That’s why Microsoft has switched to the popular Chromium technology for the new version, which also uses Google’s Chrome browser. In this way, more customers should be kept in their own technology cosmos. The new platform is continuously developed and offers contemporary functions such as a dark mode, a kind of extensive bookmark function with which images, links and texts can be stored.

If you’re already an Edge user, don’t worry about moving: with the automatic update, the new Edge imports all bookmarks or saved passwords from the old version according to “Dr. Windows”.

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