A church in the French city of Nice has been attacked with a knife. At least two people were killed in the incident on Thursday. Another was seriously injured. City Mayor Cristia Astrozzi confirmed the attack and casualties. He called the incident a terrorist attack on the city’s Notre Dame Church.

Mayor Cristia Astrozzi said the attacker has been arrested.

According to French Media Europe 1, one person attacked several people with a knife. He strangled two people, including a woman, to death.

The mayor told reporters that even after his arrest, the attacker was chanting ‘Allahu Akbar’. He also said that French President Emmanuel Macron would arrive in Nice shortly.

France has been mired in controversies since the murder of a history teacher by a Muslim extremist over a caricature of Prophet Muhammad. After that incident, the country’s security forces conducted terrible raids in at least 50 mosques and Muslim areas. Meanwhile, a new knife attack occurred on Thursday. Source: DW

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