Clean Windows: These free system cleaners help

Windows and the programs important to security deserve regular maintenance. Just like on the desk, things pile up on the computer that are no longer needed and can be tidied up better – with a freeware Clean column Spring cleaning is quick and free.

The hard drive assumes the role of patient collection point without grumbling, but at the expense of speed and clarity. Fast cleaning aids are essential to keep the system running smoothly. The photo show shows more.

Find wasted space in Windows

The more unnecessary data clogs your Windows PC, the slower the system works. But how do you find the waste flawless? The freeware creates everyday work traces such as temporary files and user traces in the browser CCleaner. The virtual cleaning exchange also removes incorrect entries from the registry upon request. However, interventions in the registration database are not entirely harmless. Therefore, it makes sense to have a backup of the working registry on hand for emergencies. The created Wise Registry Cleaner for free. The free tool also specializes in teasing out the registry.

Clean Windows autostart

To find hidden program installations and remove them from Windows, offer Revo uninstaller the right tools. The freeware tool reliably erases in particular the hard-to-access automatic start of Windows. The start data for individual programs can also be used CCleaner under Extras – easily enable and disable autostart. A simple trick that gives your Windows operating system a little bit more boot speed.

Clean up the hard drive

For an extensive cleaning, it is on the hard disk Putzi4Win a good assistant. The freeware clears entire temporary folders. Small or large files and empty file folders are clearly listed for better differentiation. For deleting duplicate files Anti-twins responsible. The program, which is free for private use, finds both the same and similar files on your hard drive. You can determine the criteria for this yourself. A quick name comparison is enough to find exact copies stored in different folders. To really track down the same files, identified Anti-twins identical files based on their content.

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