For Donald Trump, a second term in the White House is progressing. The president has railed on Twitter for alleged electoral fraud. Greta Thunberg responds with ridicule and scornful advice.

Climate activist Greta Thunberg used the possible failure of US President Donald Trump’s election for a belated revenge on his favorite medium of Twitter. Commenting on a tweet from Trump calling for an end to the vote count in the US, Thunberg wrote, “So ridiculous. Donald should go to his anger management problem and then go to a good old movie with a friend! Donald, relax! “

Trump wrote an identical tweet about Greta Thunberg last December. This was because the magazine “Time” named Thunberg “Person of the Year”. Republican Trump has expressed his skepticism several times in the past about whether climate change exists at all and, if so, whether it is caused by humans.

The US is one of the biggest emitters of greenhouse gases. Trump has also pulled the US from the Paris climate protection agreement. His Democratic challenger Joe Biden has promised the US would revert to the deal during his presidency. Biden led the elections on Thursday evening (local time).

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