Zuzenhausen (dpa) – Sebastian Hoeneß did not emerge from the attacking division that Uli Hoeneß formed at FC Bayern. Despite his Munich past and family relationship with the longtime manager and president of the record champions.

Since joining TSG 1899 Hoffenheim, the new head coach has sounded calm and quiet. The same goes for the Bundesliga game on Sunday (3.30pm / Sky) against his old club from Munich.

“Joy! Great joy !!” This is how the 38-year-old explained his emotional state. He prefers to talk about the preparation during the week. Sebastian Hoeneß won the championship in the third division last season with Bayern’s second team and then, after some back and forth, signed with Hoffenheim.

“We ran into Sebastian Hoeneß because we wanted a young coach. He had great success with FC Bayern II, with spectacular football that we would like to have in Hoffenheim again,” said TSG patron Dietmar Hopp of the cousin this week. by Uli Hoeneß and son of Dieter Hoeneß. According to his own statements, Sebastian Hoeneß does not even know whether the two will be in the stadium.

After the 8-0 victory of the Munich team against Schalke 04, he knows his team must be careful not to get under the wheels against the three-time winner. “We want to be brave. We want to hurt them,” said the Hoffenheim coach.

6030 fans are allowed to go to the Sinsheim stadium on Sunday – and are enthusiastic about the coach, who was of course a Bayern fan as a child. TSG started the competition with a 3-2 win in Cologne, but also a great win on penalties in the DFB Cup at Chemnitzer FC. “We have withdrawn two games. That is certainly also because of Sebastian, the way he treats and works the team,” said sports director Alexander Rosen. “He’s made a big impression so far.”

For captain Benjamin Hübner, Sebastian Hoeneß is “a calm, down-to-earth man with a clear idea of ​​football”. The new boss, like his predecessor Julian Nagelsmann from Hoffenheim, belongs to the younger generation of coaches, but is a completely different type than the extrovert star coach. You can already see that in the appearance: while Nagelsmann always showed himself in new, fashionable outfits on match days, Sebastian Hoeneß was on the sidelines in a gray polo shirt at his competition debut.

“He is a very smart and open mind. Very analytical, also when dealing with other people”, said Ralf Rangnick in “Kicker”. In 2006/2007 Sebastian Hoeneß played under Rangnick in Hoffenheim, after another stint at Hertha BSC II and a few injuries, he ended his active career and worked in the junior division under Rangnick at RB Leipzig.

Sebastian Hoeneß listens – and also patiently answers the recurring question about his famous father and uncle. “Of course my father in particular shaped me over the years,” he said in an interview with SWR. “As a little steppe, I sat next to him when he was on the phone, and I learned a lot from these conversations.”

Sebastian Hoeneß has so far shown no emotional outbursts, as we know from Uli Hoeneß, in public. Verbal anticipation is not his thing either. He and Rosen have not set a specific seasonal goal. “Attack – as always!” Said the director of professional football once. Uli Hoeneß should have liked that.

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