Coast Guard takes in migrants from “Louise Michel”

A Sea-Watch ship painted by Banksy had last saved 89 people. After the artist called for help, the Italian Coast Guard has now confiscated 49.

About a day after the first aid calls from the “Louise Michel”, the Italian Coast Guard claimed that 49 migrants had been received from the private rescue ship in the Mediterranean. A patrol ship sent from Lampedusa Island took 32 women, 13 children and 4 men on board, the authority said Saturday. These were therefore considered the greatest risk.

According to the crew, the 30 meter long “Louise Michel” had more than 200 migrants on board and was unable to move safely due to overcrowding. The responsible authorities have therefore initially not responded to calls for help since Friday. Banksy, street performer and supporter of the ship, spoke with a new video on Saturday.

One dead and several injured on board the “Louise Michel”

The crew of the “Louise Michel”, flying the German flag, has unsuccessfully asked the Italian Coast Guard, the Maltese Army and the Bremen Maritime Emergency Management for help, it said in further tweets. The ship was southeast of Lampedusa on Saturday. A crew of ten people takes care of 219 people on board the ship, of which 33 in a life raft. There is already one dead on board, others are injured. Earlier, the ship’s crew said they had helped 130 other people in need, including many women and children.

Only recently did it become known that the mysterious street artist Banksy is supporting the rescue ship. “He financed and painted the ship,” the spokeswoman for an organization that created its own website for Louise Michel confirmed Friday to the German news agency. The spokeswoman declined to say who owns the ship.

Banksy: yacht bought to sail the Mediterranean ”

In a new video on Instagram, the artist criticized the way the EU is treating refugees in the Mediterranean. “Like most people who have made it into the art world, I bought a yacht to cruise around the Mediterranean,” the caption of the nearly one-minute video reads with an ironic undertone.

The cut shows photos and video clips showing the “Louise Michel” and black migrants in the water. The pink-painted ship features a Banksy artwork on the ship’s side, featuring a girl with a life jacket and a heart-shaped lifebuoy. “It is a French Navy ship that we converted into a lifeboat because EU authorities are deliberately ignoring emergency calls from” non-Europeans “,” he said.

Banksy video has been viewed 1.5 million times

The video, which was viewed more than 1.5 million times within three hours, ends in the style of the “Black Lives Matter” movement with the inscription, “All Black Lives Matter” (roughly, all black lives count).

Meanwhile, international organizations called on authorities to give in. According to a joint communication from the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the UN, the migrants on the “Louise Michel” and more than 200 others on the “Sea-Watch 4” should be able to disembark immediately. UNHCR refugee organization. “The lack of an agreement on a regional disembarkation mechanism, as long requested by UNHCR and IOM, is no excuse to deny vulnerable people a safe haven and the assistance they need, as required by international law,” two UN agencies. With.

“Shame on you for the EU!”

Sea-Watch International had also previously requested assistance via Twitter. The rescue vessel “Sea-Watch 4” changed course and set out to help the non-maneuverable “Louise Michel,” it said in a tweet Saturday morning. “Why? Because the European authorities are refusing to help again. Shame on the EU!”

The spokeswoman for an organization that has created its own website for “Louise Michel” told the German news agency Saturday afternoon that “Sea-Watch 4” was now on the scene to provide support but would not accept migrants. The “Mare Jonio” of the Italian organization Mediterranea Saving Humans had also left, but was “still far away”.

In Italy, the number of migrants arriving by boat has skyrocketed this summer. People left from both Libya and Tunisia. Many Tunisians are leaving their country because of an economic crisis. In southern Italy, the increasing numbers are increasingly causing resistance at the arrival locations. Governments in Italy and Malta have of late often created serious obstacles for rescue workers at sea. At the same time – often after a long wait – they indicated safe havens.

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