The doctors had actually made everything clear. Now they row back. Because after the brain surgery of the Argentinian football icon Maradona, there are now negative long-term effects.

First the weakness, then the brain surgery, now a drug addiction treatment: Diego Maradona’s health remains worrying. The Argentinian football idol suffered from “confusion” after the brain surgery, Maradona’s doctor Leopoldo Luque said in Buenos Aires. The neurologist attributed this condition to “signs of abstinence” and so announced, “We think he should undergo drug addiction treatment. It will take a few days.”

Maradona has a long history of drug and alcohol addiction. At the end of June, Luque reported: “About cocaine, Diego is completely clean, but with alcohol he relapses.”

Long medical record: obesity and two heart attacks

Just hours before the withdrawal announcement, Luque announced that Maradona could soon be leaving the hospital. Overall, the doctor gave a positive picture of Maradona’s condition: “Diego is fine.” The computer tomography after the operation gave a good result: “We even danced for joy.”

The 1986 world champion was operated on Tuesday in a private clinic in Buenos Aires for a blood clot in the brain. He has had serious health problems for years. The day before surgery, Maradona was admitted to a hospital in La Plata for feeling unwell – and to take better medicines because the national hero had been taking antidepressants for a long time. A scan then discovered the clot. Maradona was then transferred to the special clinic in the capital.

Maradona had turned 60 last week. His medical record is long: he has already had two heart attacks, contracted hepatitis and had gastric bypass surgery because he was seriously overweight. In addition, Maradona was repeatedly treated for drug addiction. To this day, according to his doctors, he regularly uses psychotropic drugs. Now the longer term treatment, “because it is best for Diego,” said Luque.

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