A mourning rally was held in Armenia on Saturday to commemorate those killed in the six-week war with Azerbaijan. The protesters demanded the resignation of Prime Minister Nicole Pashinen. Qatar-based Al Jazeera told the news in a report.

The report said that thousands of people took part in the rally in the capital Yerevan on Saturday. In a video message before the start of the rally, Prime Minister Nicole Pashinian said that the entire country had gone through a nightmare and it was still going on. However, his statement did not please the protesters. They called him a traitor.

At one point, the police removed the protesters from the path of Pashinyera.

After the defeat of Azerbaijan and the defeat of Armenian soldiers in the Battle of Karbakh, Nicole Pashinyan is already under house pressure. Opponents say he has failed to wage war. Therefore, he will have to step down. Saturday’s protests also reflected the opposition’s demands.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Nicole Pashinyan also recalled the fallen soldiers. He appeared in the military cemetery to illuminate the graves of the slain soldiers.

“Sometimes it seems that all our dreams are shattered and our hopes are dashed,” he said.

Armenia and Azerbaijan have reached an agreement mediated by Russia after six weeks of clashes. As a result, Armenia has lost control of the Armenian territory of Nagorno-Karbakh. Even after 1990, the six districts he occupied were handed over to Azerbaijan. Azri sees this as his victory. On the other hand, the Prime Minister of Armenia said that it is painful for Armenia. But there was no alternative.

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