Two men reached the meat counter in a supermarket several times without paying. The manager caught the thieves on their third tour and called the police.

Three schnitzel without paying: After a strange series of thefts at a meat shop in Pulheim near Cologne, the police arrested two construction workers. After the latest act, the two were caught and temporarily arrested, officials announced Thursday.

The duo, 27 and 28 years old, had already struck Monday and Tuesday when they showed up at the meat counter of the supermarket again on Wednesday. Police said the manager matched the two at the exit. While the 27-year-old could be detained, the 28-year-old broke free from his coat and fled. Because the 27-year-old then sent the police to the joint construction site, his accomplice could also be caught there.

The two men from Altenkirchen in Rhineland-Palatinate were fired after the personal details were established. “Both are known to be prosecuted for shoplifting; it is not known whether both now want to eat vegetarian,” police said.

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