Contested Award – Beckenbauer at the 2006 World Cup: It is assumed there was nothing

Munich (AP) – Franz Beckenbauer spoke about the controversial 2006 FIFA World Cup allocation shortly before his 75th birthday.

In an interview with “Bild” when asked how he was doing, the then World Cup organizer replied: “Given the circumstances, I would say. What happened in recent years. With all the operations and the history of 2006. That bothered me. really. I can see that it is now assumed that nothing was there, but the last few years were tough. ”

The so-called summer fairytale process was stopped at the end of April due to the statute of limitations. The proceedings against, among others, three former top officials of the German Football Association involved unresolved payments of the equivalent of 6.7 million euros from 2002 and 2005. Beckenbauer had received a loan of this amount from entrepreneur Robert Louis-Dreyfus. The money flowed into the accounts of then-FIFA official Mohammed Bin Hammam. The refund was made three years later from a DFB account through FIFA.

Beckenbauer was unable to prove any violations in the proceedings. He has “such a beautiful life that I will be eternally grateful to him. Now it is not as exciting and hectic as it used to be. I would like more rest now,” said the world champion and world champion coach before his birthday on Friday.

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