Controversy has erupted in West Bengal over the statue of Birsa Munde, the leader of India’s indigenous peasant uprising. The controversy erupted after news came in the first week of November of a visit to West Bengal to pay tribute to the statue of Indian Home Minister Amit Shah Birsa. German media Deutsche Welle reported this.

The Birsa Mundas were a Munda tribe from the Ranchi region of India. The Swadeshi peasant uprising started under his leadership in 1899–1900.

The ruling Trinamool Congress in West Bengal claims that the statue is not of tribal leader Birsa Munde. It is a statue of a tribal hunter. Shah placed a picture under this statue and gave a garland. In this, he has insulted the tribal leader.

There is a lot of controversy in the politics of West Bengal regarding this wreath ceremony. Amit Shah has been criticized by Trinamool Bankura District President and Minister of State Shyamal Santra. He said that he paid tributes to the tribal leader by garlanding the statue, which is not Birsa Mundar. He will have to apologize for this.

The work of writing 50,000 postcards is now under the initiative of Shyamal Santra. The indigenous people are sending this postcard to Shah’s address. It has demanded an apology from the BJP leader for objecting to the wreath ceremony.

Trinamool leader, MLA Shantiram Mahato said that Birsa Munda is like God for Santhals. Dirty politics is going on with him. This is very unfortunate.

The BJP leader has been attacked by Trinamool MP actress Nusrat Jahan. According to him, the BJP leader has no knowledge about the culture of Bengal.

The Trinamool has always ridiculed the BJP as a ‘non-Bengalis party’. Narendra Modi, Amit Shah and other top BJP leaders have been attacked ‘outside’. Mamta Banerjee’s party wants to take that campaign to the next level before the assembly elections.

Although the BJP is uncomfortable with the incident, it is firing back to handle the situation. According to him, Shah placed a garland on the statue of Birsa Munda. Trying to make it useless at the ground level. The state’s ruling party adopted this strategy to regain lost ground in the Lok Sabha elections.

BJP state president Dilip Ghosh went a step further and said that no picture of Birsa Munde was available. When Amit Shah feels that Birsa Munda garlanded that idol, it is his idol.

Political analyst Professor Bimal Shankar Nanda said that it was a controversy. From corruption to the killing of democracy, many things are becoming important. The impact of the Sangh Parivar on the tribal society will not survive such petty debates.

Professor Bimal Shankar Nanda further said that during the lifetime of the tribal leader there was no practice of taking pictures. Now it is imagined by looking at the idols of the past. It is useless to question whether any idol has become like.

Purulia Congress leader and MLA Sudeep Mukherjee does not agree with this argument. “We have been looking at Birsa Mundare’s photographs in textbooks since childhood,” he said. It should be considered his portrait. Political tension is not desirable at all.

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