A member of the German second division job team tested positive. Now the whole team is also in quarantine. The further procedure is currently being clarified.

A corona case at the Würzburger Kickers messes up the schedule of the second Bundesliga. After a member of the functional team tested positive, the city’s health department ordered the team to be quarantined immediately.

Mainfranken’s home game on Wednesday evening against FC St. Pauli had to be canceled and the away game on Saturday in Darmstadt 98 has been canceled.

Sports director Schuppan: “We mainly moved to our team hotel”

“Because of the importance of the game against FC St. Pauli, we even went to our team hotel,” said Würzburg sports director Sebastian Schuppan, but stressed: “There is absolutely no discussion and there is no doubt that the health of everyone involved is on the rise. the first place. As an association we are now aware of our great social responsibility and especially of our social role model function. “

Schuppan added that the Kickers were in contact with the health authorities and the German Football League (DFL) to coordinate next steps and reschedule the games.

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