SSC Napoli has a great match against Juventus Turin for the chest. However, coach Gennaro Gattuso’s team suffered a setback during the trip to Turin.

The top match of the Italian Serie A between defending champion Juventus Turin and SSC Napoli threatens with complications. As the Italian news agency Ansa reported on Saturday, the Naples football team, which also includes former Leipzig Diego Demme, was stopped by local health authorities. In other words, the flight would have been blocked.

Juve probably isn’t ready for a new date

The match is scheduled for next Sunday (8.45 p.m.). The authority’s measure was prompted by the positive corona cases at the SSC. Two players and a manager have therefore been tested positive.

Juventus announced on Saturday evening that they would definitely be on the field on Sunday. Should Naples not be able to play, the defending champions would likely not accept a new date and insist that a match be canceled in their own favor.

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