Corona death toll rises to 200,000 in US in September: CDC

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that coronavirus deaths in the United States may exceed 200,000 by the middle of September. According to the BBC, the CDC on Thursday (26 August) gave a national forecast for the next four weeks in the country in the case of death at Kovid-19.


According to Johns Hopkins University, at least 171,065 people in the United States have died of coronovirus so far; This is the highest death toll in the world. And more than 5 million people have been identified as infected.

According to the CDC, the number will cross 200,000 by 19 September. If the situation worsens, the death toll could rise to 206,000 by that date.

The CDC gave a forecast in this regard last week. At the time, more than 90,000 people were feared dead in the first week of September.

According to a Reuters report, the number of Kovid-19 patients in at least 10 US states, including Texas and Florida, more than doubled in June alone. At the end of July, the total number of deaths in the United States was less than 150,000.

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