Coronavirus infection spread to Italy before China. The information has been revealed in a new study.

In late November 2019, a child in the Milan region of Italy was infected with coronovirus. The incident took place months before the outbreak in Italy. Coronovirus infection occurs in the city of Milan, until the coronovirus spreads to Wuhan, China.

The study was conducted in September 2020. Cough is derived from 39 larynx. After testing, one specimen was found to be corona positive.

This sample has been found in a four-year-old child. The child of Milan has never been out of the country before.

The child started showing signs of cold and cough by November 21, 2019. Then on 30 November he was sent to the emergency department of the hospital. He had difficulty breathing.

Mario C. Raviglione, author of an Italian newspaper and professor at the University of Milan. He said that the coronovirus matches the symptoms inside the child. This means that the child was infected a month before the coronavirus spread in Wuhan province of China. Source: Purse Today

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